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What style of senior pictures do you like?

Take a look at last year’s seniors and let us know which ones appeal to you.  Look at the backgrounds, not poses, to help us determine where we will photograph you during your senior portrait session.  This will help us make the most of our time together and allow us to show you what nearby background locations are close to your favorites.  You also will get an idea of what your senior pictures will look like to help you prepare what to wear in your senior pictures and bring along as added props.  If we are photographing near the water, bring along flip flops, sun glasses and maybe a sun hat.  If you are a reader, bring along your favorite book of all time.  If sports are your thing, make sure to bring your sports equipment to your senior portrait session.  Don’t forget accessories like hand bags and  jewelry.  Getting an idea of where we will be photographing you ahead of time will help you to determine what to wear in your senior pictures.  Make sure to wear colors that compliment your skin tone, eye color and hair and check out these helpful tips.

Check out some of KJay Photo’s Last Year’s Senior Pictures Here.

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