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Commonly asked Senior Portrait Questions:

When should I schedule my senior portrait session with K Jay Photography? The sooner the better.  We always schedule a rain date for the same week that we plan on meeting.  Our schedule fills up quickly during the summer and suggest you reserve your spot while you still can.  NOTE:  Early Mid May and June High School Seniors receive special discounts on their portrait sitting, so reserve an earlier date and SAVE!  Based on availability so hurry!  Click to see a sample of our work. Scroll down and click play on a helpful video tip and check out our recent Senior Portrait 10 Helpful Tips.Prom Dress Senior Pictures

What should I wear? Plan on bringing lots of outfits to choose from.  Clothing that compliments your skin tone, hair color and eyes are preferred.   We suggest solids over loud patterns or stripes.  But if you have a favorite shirt or dress that is rather loud and it fits your personality, by all means… bring it along.  In some cases, we have had high school seniors bring suitcases to their senior portrait session, no kidding.  We then will help you choose the outfit to wear at each specific location where we photograph you.  Putting it all together with an end result of great high school senior portraits to cherish.

Where will I be photographed; outdoor settings?  We work in several outdoor settings which we discuss ahead of time.  You will have a good idea of where we will photograph your senior portraits and what the portraits will look like before we even meet.

What to plan on?   Plan on having fun:)  We hope that your senior portrait session is a fun event.  Before we meet, K Jay Photography puts a plan in place based on our previous conversations where we gather your interests, portrait styles preferred, etc.  This helps us move efficiently so your end result includes several senior photos to own and choose from.

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More Senior Picture Beauty Tips Below.  Helpful video links that you may find interesting.

  • Helpful tips from Beauty Experts on Hair by Remington.
  • Make up tips.  Come as you are and if you do not normally wear make up, limit what you wear to your senior portraits.  We want to capture the real you.  Here are some helpful make up tips though we found on youtube.
  • Remember to have your nails manicured so remove any left over nail polish if necessary.
  • Bring with lots of accessories (hats, scarfs, jewelry) and personal items that define you.  The last decade and the interests you have had which make you “you”.  Bring the guitar or even a car, a family pet, favorite book, childhood stuffed animal, skate board, etc.  Pack it up with the several outfits that you bring along too. Protection Status

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