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Junior Prom – Senior Pictures – Bring the dress!

Each year I have the chance to meet so many wonderful seniors. For those ladies that went to their Junior Prom, bring the prom dress to your senior session.  Just for a couple of your senior photos.  It doesn’t need to take long but because putting on the dress can sometimes be time consuming, make sure to book the Lot’s to Choose from Package giving us the extra time needed. For more information or to book your senior session today call K Jay Photos at 608-215-0047 or visit inspire kjay 4 fb.jpgweb (7 of 7).jpg

Black and white high school senior pictures. Madison WI Photographer.

K Jay Photos, Photographer in Madison WI, loves photographing high school seniors.  We often get requests for black and white senior pictures.  Let us know this in advance as we like to adjust our manual camera settings for black and white photos.  For more examples, visit

Black and white senior pictures

Beautiful portraits. Madison WI Photographer, K Jay Photos Photography for high school seniors.

Pretty High School Senior PIctures  One of our favorite times of day during the fall months to photograph is just before sunset.  The light is golden and it enhances this golden setting.  Reserve your session today with K Jay Photos Photography or call 608-850-4850 or email


Rain or Shine she loves to have fun

Rain or Shine she loves to have fun

She wanted something different when speaking about her senior pictures. So we gave her something unique… creative senior pictures by K Jay Photos Photography, Madison WI. Your high school senior portrait photographer specialist.

Winter High School Senior Pictures

Winter high school senior picturesWe are still reserving high school seniors that graduate in 2014.  If you haven’t had your senior pictures taken or you had them taken by another photographer but just were not happy or want more.   K Jay Photos Photography can help you with your senior pictures, it’s not to late.  To reserve your session today, call 608-850-4850 or email

Senior Pictures Check List.

This may answer many of your questions before you come to K Jay Photos Photography for your senior pictures.  The Photographer moves really quickly during your senior picture session to maximize the most of your session and some of these tips will help.  Additional helpful information here.  Also, K Jay Photos Photography has partnered this year with both the Buckle Store in West Towne Mall and Francesca’s Collection in West Towne Mall here in Madison, WI.  They can help you select outfits for each of the below storyboard.  Just show them the storyboard (Beach, Urban, Country, Park) to show them where you will be photographed at.  This is all decided ahead of time with K Jay Photos.  Click here for more details.

Madison.WI.Photographer.Country  Madison.Wi.Photographer.Water.Park  photographer.madison.wi.photographer

For girls, we suggest you wear a white cami underneath your top to help you have the ability to change tops quickly out while we are out and about.  Minimize eye shadow and lip gloss that will create glare, if your lips are dry wear chapstick instead.  A majority of our senior portrait customers select the Lot’s to Choose From Package which we typically can get through 5-9 outfits depending on how many outdoor locations we visit and how difficult your outfits are to change in and out of.  If it is warm and humid out on the day of your photography session make sure to bring along a face powder to remove shine as needed.  If it is windy out you may want to consider bringing along a hair brush.  For make up, wear it as you usually wear your make up.  We do not want to capture someone that isn’t really you.   If you are planning on incorporating sports equipment or sports clothing, a prom dress or any props that you might bring with please make sure to let us know before you arrive so we can add it to our plan for your senior portrait session.

For guys, make sure to bring along clothes that are nicely pressed and that fit you comfortably.  We have many guys wear a t shirt under their shirts and many that don’t.  It is really your personal preference and there is no right or wrong to many of your outfit selections as in the end they are your senior pictures and we want you to love them.  We suggest you choose clothing options that are not to busy with prints unless it fits your personality than by all means bring that crazy wild shirt.  Usually we suggest you wear one pair of jeans or shorts that goes with many of your shirt options. Typically 4-6 outfits during our Lot’s to Choose From Session is what we will get through.  We do suggest you bring more options for us to choose so bring along additional shirts if you can.   If you are planning on incorporating sports equipment, jerseys or any props, please make sure to let us know before you arrive so we can incorporate it into your senior portrait session.

When should I have my senior pictures taken?

So many people want to wait until summer but consider spring for your senior pictures;  less humidity, less bugs and lower temperatures will equal AMAZING SENIOR PICTURES!  Contact K Jay Photos for your Madison WI Senior Portraits.   608-215-0047 or email

How should I fix my hair. Straight or curly?

We get this question a lot.  How should I fix my hair for my senior pictures? We suggest you wear it in the style that is naturally you.  If you have curly hair and generally wear your hair curly, then come with curly hair.  If you reserve a senior portrait session that is longer, it will leave you some time to prepare your hair to have some senior pictures taken in a second hair style.  We suggest you reserve the Lot’s to Choose From Senior Portrait Session (2 hours minimum) or even add an extra hour onto this package.  We do not want to rush you during your session so allow for more time and come with the style that takes more time.  We can have the straightener ready for you to straighten your hair midway through your senior portrait sitting.