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Girls always ask for eye make up tips and we have some!

For sensitive eyes. Keep mascara for only two months.  Sharpen eye pencils before each use to help remove contaminants or wipe the roll eyeliner clean with clean tissue paper.  Do not apply moisturizers too close to the eye.  Avoid glitter and flakey mascaras.  Seek hypoallergenic makeup and waterproof gel eyeliners and mascara if your eyes tear up often.

To prevent oily eyelids dust a layer of silica-based powder on the lids before applying eyeshadow to absorb excess oil.

Before curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler always make sure your lashes are clean and free from any old mascara or residue.

Choosing the right mascara for you.  Remember to check out the mascara wand.  Wands that have bristles that flare out in many directions will add volume to your lashes.  Wands that have thin spiral bristles aid in reaching those hard to reach areas.  Wands with straight bristles will separate lashes.

Eyeshadow for every eye color.  Using the right eye shadow can enhance the color of the iris and intensity the beauty of eyes.  What colors are in your iris and create a harmonious look.  For example, gold will brighten green eyes and purple brings out the most in blue eyes.  Brown eyes have the most choices of color because brown is a neutral color.  Use hints of gold and bronze to brighten eyes.  There are so many variations of blue eyes but using grays and silvers from the iris into makeup colors will intensify the eye’s lightness.

Remember that in teens less is more.  Avoid clumpy mascara and black under eye shadows.  Young skin looks best with clean, natural -looking makeup.  Keep things natural looking as you are beautiful and why cover up that youth when you can let it shine.

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