Madison, WI Photographer. K Jay Photos Photography

Clothing tips for guys!

Make sure to have your facial hair neatly groomed or freshly shaved.  Clothes should be neatly prepared for your session.  Guys usually prefer a comfortable look, it’s on the top of a pile and doesn’t walk across the room by itself that the shirt is good to go:)  Keep in mind, that if Mom does not like the way that your pictures look you might have to take them all over again so come with neatly prepared outfits.  Usually suggest 2-3 outfits/shirts for our Simply Basic Session and 4-6 for the Lot’s to Choose from Session.  Bring alternatives also just in case.  Solids are traditionally best but sometimes shirts with a little more flair or pattern will work with some backdrops.    If you have a favorite outfit or shirt, BRING IT:)  After all, this is all about you!  Sports equipment, hobbies or interests should also be included (skateboards, musical instruments and if you are the scholar in your class a pile of your favorite books).  We want to capture your personality, your childhood and your natural smile.  No worries, we will do our best to make it fun!

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