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Where do we photograph our senior portraits?

K Jay Photos utilizes several locations in the Dane County area to photograph their senior portraits.  Making sure that no two seniors pictures from the same school are similar.  We like to challenge ourselves to new locations each week.  Then offering those newly discovered senior portrait spots to other seniors from your school that select K Jay Photography for their senior pictures!  It can be challenging when we have 40+  seniors from the same school, like Waunakee, but we do it:)  Offering each senior unique and different senior pictures.   Sometimes the most random settings are the best and often become a favorite for another senior from another school offering us the chance to photograph again another senior at another time.  We specialize in outdoor settings, unique textures (rustic barn wood, old rugged stairs, carefree fields, lovely garden settings, water landscapes, old stone backdrops and indoor studio portrait options too).  Check out our senior portrait gallery here for examples or call us at  (608) 850-4850, email

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Madison WI Photography Studio
Madison WI Photography, Indoor Studio options

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