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What to wear? 10 helpful tips for your senior pictures.

Madison Senior picture specialist K Jay PhotographyWhen selecting your outfits for your senior portrait session, we have come up with ten helpful tips to make the most of your senior pictures.  We promise to move efficiently, with a vision set before we meet.  After a brief discussion with both the senior and the parents, we normally have a game plan that we share with you before we even meet.  This helps you get an idea of what to expect, what backgrounds we will be utilizing and what to wear and bring to your senior portrait session.

Ten Helpful Clothing Tips from this Madison Photographer specializing in senior pictures.

  1. Solid color clothing photograph best.  With today’s fashion of bold patterns and lots of color, don’t be afraid to wear 1 or 2 trendy outfits. Just don’t do all of your outfits that way and avoid stripes and patterns when possible in your senior pictures.
  2. Bring along a variety of color that compliments your features (eyes, hair color and skin tone).
  3. Avoid large, bold brand names or words on clothing, except for your own school logo.
  4. Vary the style of your outfits and avoid just bringing all T shirts if possible in your senior pictures.
  5. Make sure your clothing fits properly and is flattering.
  6. Bring a dark T-shirt to wear under dark shirts and light T-shirt to wear under light shirts.
  7. Bring along the 1 or 2 outfits that mom likes and then we can do the stuff YOU like.  Remember, in the end we are photographing you and not your wardrobe so do not stress over it.
  8. Our portraits sessions let you do unlimited change of clothing within your time period.  Most people can do 3-4 outfits per hour. Bring several additional outfit options with you giving us several options to choose from for your portrait session.
  9. Most shots are close up (head and shoulder or waist and up) but some may be full length, especially those dressier outfit shots.  Please make sure to bring with you more than just flip flops if we are photographing you in sports attire and formal outfits.
  10. Another helpful tip that will make us more efficient, bring along your outfits grouped on hangers.  This will also keep them from wrinkling for your senior pictures.

KJAY PHOTOS, Custom Madison Senior Picture Photographer

Madison Photographer, Senior picture tips what to wear during your senior portrait session.  K Jay Photography, Madison Wisconsin

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